Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Natural Remedies For Common cold Symptoms

                    Natural remedy for common cold symptoms

At times you suffer from cold and go to your doctor hmmmmm Poor you! The doctor simply tells you, "You have allergy"? Yes of course Allergy is the big word for common cold. The big name implies that you have good insurance and something can be coughed out of your pocket. This is not to discourage you to visiting your doctor and taking your prescription but just to let you know the truth.

Have you ever think that when you get cold you need to keep yourself warm? How do you achieve this in a short time? Very simple… Just keep yourself warm in every respect. The process is simple and straightforward.

1 stop eating cold food

2 stop drinking cold liquid

3 stop cold bath

4 If you drink take a little alcohol at room temperature

5 If you smoke give it a break

In a few days you will completely recover and the so called allergy gone to the grave.